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Register for Airdrie Hawks Volleyball Club events and tryouts. Watch this page for events that are open for registration.

Winter tryouts ALWAYS happen at the end of November,
after school volleyball season ends.

Questions? Review our FAQ page


For the 2023-24 season we are holding tryouts for girls 13-18U & boys 15-18U.
We have signed some athletes to our 16-18U teams - these are the positions we are seeking





BOYS 16(1 team)

We are looking for: 

- 1 libero 

- 1 right side

- 2 power hitters 


BOYS 17 / 18U (3 teams)

We are looking for: 

- up to 5 middle blockers

- up to 3 left/right side attackers

- up to 2 setters

- 1 libero

GIRLS 16U (1 team)
We are looking for a setter & have
at least 3 spots op

GIRLS 17 / 18U (2 teams)
All positions

We have signed some athletes to our 15U girls teamsthese are the positions we are seeking

15U GIRLS (2 teams) 


Up to 16 spots - all positions

15U BOYS (1 team) 


All positions

Volleyball Alberta Registration
  • You must register with Volleyball Alberta as a "Youth Development Player - Tryout" (this costs $21.81)

  • ​​Signed athletes for 2024 will register as a "Youth Competitive Player - Indoor" (this costs $117.78)
  • This membership should be under the athlete's name - not the parent! 

  • Membership covers Volleyball AB and Volleyball Canada fees 

  • For the region, choose "Big Country Zone 2"

  • This MUST be completed prior to registering for Hawks tryouts.  Make note of the Sportlomo Member ID number - it is required to complete our online registration form

  • You may already have a Sportlomo login from last year - use the same login and we recommend you not create a new profile

  • IMPORTANT – take a screen shot of your confirmation email with the type of registration showing. You will need to show this at the 1st day of tryouts in order to participate. 


Come to your first tryout prepared
  • To help ensure a smooth check-in, arrive 20 minutes early and have these pieces ready to go. Volunteers will verify your information and ensure you are joining the appropriate age category. Bring:​

    • Photo ID or gov’t issued ID showing birthdate (school ID, driver’s license, or AB health card)

    • Receipt for registration with Volleyball Alberta as a "Youth Development Player - Tryout" 
      (not necessary to print - show us on your phone / screenshot that this has been completed). You MUST show that you’ve got the tryout registration with Volleyball AB for insurance purposes. If there is uncertainty, you may not be able to participate until we verify this.

  • Wear your volleyball gear (indoor running shoes, shorts/t-shirt, knee pads, ankle braces, athletic tape if needed).

  • Bring a water bottle!

Tryouts Schedule  
  • First three tryouts take place between November 26-30 for all groups

  • It is to your advantage to attend all tryouts. Athletes will be given at least two tryouts and potentially invited for a third / fourth.


*please note that at schools, doors don't open prior to 6 pm 

CW Perry - 186 Sagewood Blvd SW

Heloise Lorimer - 6 Kings Heights Dr SE

Herons Crossing - 1860 Reunion Blvd NW

Genesis Place - 800 East Lake Blvd NE

Meadowbrook - 1796 Meadowbrook Drive SE

Northcott Prairie - 275 Hillcrest Dr SW


*third tryout is by invitation only

**fourth session may be added if required!

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