Having Fun - intrinsic motivation from playing.

Attitude - power from positive thinking!

Work Ethic - nothing comes easy without hard work first.

Kindred - nurturing enduring friendships - we are family!

Success - finding joy in winning and growth in losing!



Character Development is Enduring

Sport is a means to the end of becoming a better person. Whether it is learning to compete, working with others to accomplish a goal, or humility in winning or in losing, our end goal is for the character of our athletes to be formed into resiliency that endures throughout their life.


Maximizing Every Athlete's Potential

We want our athletes, teams, coaches, volunteers, and parents to achieve or exceed their potential. This requires a healthy pressure to strive for more, regardless of achievement so far. Although sometimes uncomfortable, this pursuit achieves results and prepares youth for the pressures of life.


Long Term Development Model

We adhere to Canada’s long-term athlete development model for the development of elite athletes. This emphasizes different objectives for each age and level of play and is a progression of excellence. This ensures athletes remain engaged, learn healthy habits, avoid burnout, and stay engaged in the sport.


Enjoying the Sport

Our goal is to nurture a passion for volleyball that will grow into long-term active lifestyles, deep friendships, and positive memories. We are committed to resolving or removing anything that detracts from the enjoyment of the game. We emphasize injury prevention, excellent facilities, healthy functional relationships, sound technical skill development, and proper administration of the club.